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Pdf the menace of road traffic accidents and motor traffic. Epidemiology of road traffic accidents in ghana christian a. Crash resulting in injury, death or property damage and which involves at least one vehicle on a public road. Road accidents and casualties that have occurred in the period of 2011 distributed by major cities in the country. Road traffic accidents of varying degrees that have occurred in ghana both in the past and present have resulted in several road fatalities. Identification of risk factors involved in road accidents in. Road traffic the road traffic act ministry of justice. Road traffic fatality, serious injuries, minor injuries, persons killed and persons injured also recorded 18%, 38%, 26%, 2. The performance audit process results in recommendations, which initiate a process of renewal and change, leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness in government administration.

Statistics from the national road safety commission shows that, ghana loses about 1. Human factors as causes for road traffic accidents in the. For instance, rumble strips on the main accrakumasi highway at the crash hot spot of suhum junction reduced the number of traffic crashes by around 35%. Implementing specific interventions to prevent road. Road crash is a growing problem in africa resulting in close to deaths, tens of thousands of injuries and enormous amount of economic losses every day. Over 35 persons who were burnt to death in the accident which happened. Most people might think that they can get pulled over in ghana for driving recklessly, knocking someone off or missing a taillight. The dominant role of driver behavior in traffic safety.

Sometimes i tend to wonder if our governments are happy about this continuous loss of life because nothing seems to be done like in my own country of origin kenya, where almost 10 peoples lives are lost through road accidents. Jan 17, 2017 a total number of 2,198 individuals lost their lives in 2016 to road accidents, commander of the motor transport and traffic department mttd of the ghana police service, acp patrick adusei sarpong. Managing traffic congestion in the accra central market. Of that figure, 42% were pedestrians, 23% were passengers in buses, and 12% were car occupants, while the remaining 23% consisted of riders national road safety commission, 2008. Data compiled by the motor traffic and transport department mttd of the ghana police service has revealed that, the total number of commuters killed in road traffic accidents in 2018 recorded a.

Narrow bridges may cause delays on secondary roads and unimproved sections of main roads. World report on road traffic injury prevention world health. Leaders stop feeding your banks with many for the roads. Road traffic fatalities rtfs in ghana have adverse effect on the dependency ratio and economic growth in the formal sector of the economy. The 10 reported that ghana records about 10,000 fatal road accidents every year out of which an average of 1600 people perish while 150 people sustain serious injuries robbing the nation of some precious lives. Some of the factors are medical expenses, loss of job, property damage and loss of productive hours.

Mad rush for diesel as fuel tanker overturns on techimankintampo highway. The cause of road accidents has many facets and must be tackled using a multisectoral approach which means that the national road safety commission, the motor traffic and transport unit of the ghana police service, the driver, and vehicle licensing authority and all other stakeholders must employ feasible methods in solving the problem. In 2011, the national road safety commission reported that road accidents, caused ghana 145 million dollars, representing one point four per cent of the nations gross domestic product. Recently, accident on our roads have been claiming many lives.

Apr 28, 2000 the road accidents in africa are really out of hand. The foregoing assertion is truly reflected in the spate of accident in ghana. Motorists who go beyond or below the prescribed speed limits on road could hit other vehicles and they could be hit as well. Road traffic accident injuries and productivity in nigeria abstract the study examined the effect of road traffic accident injuries on productivity in nigeria with a view towards reducing the incidence of road traffic crashes and improving road safety in nigeria. These has led to the loss of lives, property, broken homes, and as well as leaving behind shattered families and communities, among others despite the indispensable role the road transport sector plays in the economy. Death rates from road traffic accidents by country, per 100,000 inhabitants, world map who 20. Epidemiology of transportrelated injuries in ghana. Efforts by government to reduce road accidents have been coupled with road safety awareness and education etc. Ghana records 2,000 road fatalities annually graphic online. The most talked about and serious cause of accidents nowadays in ghana is the use of cell phone while driving.

Proceedings of who meeting to develop a 5year strategy for road traffic injury. The head of the ghana national road safety commission in analysing national rta trend in ghana fr, om 20002012 at a public forum, is quoted as saying rta fatalities in ghana is worse compared to death from dis eases in that period 22. Ghana, road traffic accident rta, fatalities, public health, safety 1. These five regions together contributed over threequarters 75. March 21, 2018 general news comments off on road accidents kill more than 360 persons in ghana between january and february. This is because road accidents are a national issue in ghana. A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of masters of public health by mervis patience muvuringi zimbabwe declaration. This is eight people less than the 2,084 people killed in 2016.

In 1993, the srso merged with the more power ful and. The conceptual framework above gives the graphical model of managing traffic congestion in accra central market. According to road safety commission investigations, inattention and overspeeding are currently the leading causes of road crashes in ghana. This approach was first formalized by haddon in 1973. The carnage on our roads has become one of the leading causes of deaths in ghana. According to the road user who shared the story on facebook, the driver hit somebody at the atinga junction near ahodwo in kumasi.

Arguably, road traffic accidents and the accompanying deaths and permanent disabilities have become a growing public health problem worldwide especially in countries like ghana, where they are claiming more lives than the combined effects of the socalled killer diseases. The predictability and preventability of road crash injury. Hagar obeng, a female officer of the ghana national fire service gnfs, has met her untimely death in a gory accident. According to the latest who data published in 2017 road traffic accidents deaths in ghana reached 7,144 or 3. List of countries by trafficrelated death rate wikipedia. A public health concern, and a call for action in ghana. Washington, january 9, 2018a new world bank study, funded by bloomberg philanthropies, finds that reducing road traffic deaths and injuries could result in substantial longterm income gains for low and middleincome countries. The commission, as of the end of november 2016, had recorded a total of 11,378 road crashes countrywide involving 17,746 vehicles, of which the. The specific characteristics of victims in the region signifies that road crash is the fourth leading cause of deaths of people aged 544 years. Accidents suckup peoples ability to work, increases poverty and suffering to the victims and their loved ones. Many people are seriously injured every week in crashes involving someone who was driving, riding or otherwise using the road. Statistics show that road accidents kill an average of four people a day in ghana.

Empirical evidence from ghana several road accidents in ghana in the past have resulted in road fatalities leading to loss of. I want to talk about the causes of these accidents and suggest how they can be prevented or minimized. Valley and runs easterly to the eastern line, joining it at kotoku junction, a distance of. Mar 21, 2018 road accidents kill more than 360 persons in ghana between january and february. Jan 31, 2018 pastor alph lukau live october 30, 2019 new sermons. Establishment of road traffic control authority and branches thereof. Pages in category road incident deaths in ghana the following 6 pages are in this category, out of 6 total. Traffic congestion is a major phenomenon in most ghanaian cities, especially in.

Road accidents in ghana a major public concern news ghana. This list of countries by traffic related death rate shows the annual number of road fatalities per capita per year, per number of motor vehicles, and per vehiclekm in. The problem of deaths and injury as a result of road accidents is now acknowledged to be a global phenomenon. Road safety in africa african development bank group african development bank group the findings of the survey shows that member countries are making efforts to promote road safety as a national agenda. A case study of obinzenekedeiheagwa road in imo state, southeastern, nigeria.

This clearly shows that there is an increase in the magnitude of rta incidence in ghana for the past 10 years. Comparative model analysis of road traffic accidents in ghana. Thus, about 15 of every 100 road traffic accidents during the period were fatal, whilst 62 out of every 100 rtas resulted in an injury. It is important to tackle road safety from the foundation level. The major causes of road accidents in ghana are poor driving skills and indiscipline. The function of the commission is important to all aspects of the ghanaian economy. Statistics show that about 30% of accidents on the roads are. Ghana records 11,378 road accidents as at november 2016. This has become a very big problem for the nation as her citizens continue to perish. Feb 24, 2018 ghana records about 2,000 fatalities in road accidents annually as six lives are lost daily through those accidents. Feb 19, 2016 a headon collision between a passenger bus and a truck in central ghana killed at least 61 people in the deadliest road accident in recent memory in the country, officials and witnesses said. We would like to make you knowledgeable about the major causes of road accidents which shall help you to undertake preventive measures against such incidents. Some drivers in accra have told citi newsroom that the high number of road accidents in ghana is mainly because.

To analyse the pattern of road traffic deaths in ghana, fatalities of road traffic accidents by age group. Thus the crash is the event whilst the casualty is the individual crash victim. Statistics for road traffic accid ents in europe and north america is divided into three basic parts with an annex. Ghana accident crash reports road conditions near me. Ghana accident crash reports highway traffic reports. The causes of rtas among others include human or driver errors, vehicle charac. As more cars enter a crowded road, drivers have to use their brakes to avoid collisions, creating a traffic wave. As a result authorities in virtually all countries of the world are now concerned about the growth in the number of people killed and seriously injured on their roads including ghana. Very few of very well meaning ghanaians have tried in their little way to help curb this social canker by contributing in various ways. Welcome to the official website of the national road safety commission, ghana. In that vein, the carnage on ghana s roads has raised road accidents to the status. Road transport accounts for 98 % of freight and 95 % of passenger traffic. Road accidents and casualties in ghana ghana open data.

Pdf time series analysis of road accidents in ghana. Ministry of transport national road safety commission. Article pdf available in open journal of preventive medicine 411. Afukaar principal research scientist csirbuilding and road research institute evaluating road safety interventions. Some road accidents captured by cctv on ghana roads duration. To make matters worse, there are fewer than 80 orthopaedics in the country, limiting access to emergency treatment. These causes lead to injuries and can sometimes be fatal. Introduction road traffic accidents rtas affect populations all over the world. Symposium on evaluating road safety interventions for health outcomes organized by road traffic injuries research network rtirn multi centre research study, workshop ii may 78, 2008 francis k. The national road safety commission nrsc has expressed great worry over the rise in the number of road crashes especially in 2016, having recorded remarkable drops in such cases since 2012. Human factors as causes for road traffic accidents in the sultanate of oman under consideration of road construction designs inauguraldissertation zur erlangung des doktorgrades dr.

Accidents and casualties by severity by city for 2011 csv. A public health concern, and a call for action in ghana, and the subregion. Considering the magnitude of the effects, there is the need for concerted, multisectorial effort to combat the menace of road traffic accidents. Drivers cite poor roads as major cause of road accidents. The influences of driversriders in road traffic crashes in ghana. Road accidents have great effect on any countrys economy especially, a developing country, like ghana. Aug 18, 20 road accidents have become one of the leading causes of deaths in ghana. This is followed by genuine accidents that lead to crashes. The publication builds on and complements the world report on road traffic injury prevention, analysing in depth the burden of disease from road traffic injury in the european region, framing the issue in the context of sustainable mobility, presenting a comprehensive systems approach to. Thus the crash is the event whilst the casualty is the.

This paper highlights the increasing problem of road traffic accident rta related morbidity and mortality in ghana, and the public health measures needed to. Unacceptable and preventable, introduces a new global methodology to calculate the economic impact of road. Any traffic crash victim injured or killed within 30 days of the crash. Assuming construction, accidents, and stalled vehicles arent to blame, its likely due to more cars entering the highway than leaving it. Appiah it appears as if the only news that can get us to discuss other pertinent and important issues, using my own set of standards, such as the question of the value and quality of ghanaian life and how to sustain and improve on it, has to be negative. The act mandates the nrsc to play the lead role in championing, promoting and coordinating road safety activities in ghana. Aug 30, 2016 if you dont want the ghana police to harass you or take a bribe from you, there are some particular documents you should always have in your car. Managing traffic congestion in the accra central market, ghana. Request pdf linking road traffic accidents to vehicle population. The national road safety commission nrsc of ghana was established by an act of parliament nrsc act 567 of 1999. This was followed by greater accra region 367 deaths.

His model was adapted by jorgensen and abane 1999 and a host of transport experts to be applied to the causes of road traffic accidents. Implementing specific interventions to prevent road traffic injuries 63 the excess energy that may contribute to the occurrence of a crash and the severity of injuries during the crash is therefore one of the main basic principles of road traffic injury control. Linking road traffic accidents to vehicle population. The menace of road traffic accident and its management in ghana, west. Identification of factors that cause severity of road. Apr 03, 2017 20170403 the rate at which ghana is recording motor accidents this year is too alarming, hence necessary measures are being put in place to reduce the carnage on the roads, roland walker. The greater accra region tops with about 53 per cent of accidents in the. Road safety in ghana, fleet management, vehicle inspection, vivo energy, defensive driver, driver training, driving school, vehicle tracker, mix telematics, ghana road signs, shell licensee, total petroleum ghana limited. The first part sets out charts and summary tables on the overall situation and developments in road traffic accidents and casualties in ece countries. Twentyeight 28 bridges have been completed with 1 on the trunk road network, 24 on the feeder road network and the remaining 3 on the urban road network. Estimates show that ghana loses over 230 million dollars yearly due to road accidents with more than 1600 deaths. In 2005, there was 16% increase in road accidents as compared to the preceding year. Road accidents archives citinewsroom comprehensive.

There are many factors that lead to innumerable causes of road accidents in ghana. It is very sad to see young and energetic people who. The wine ghana also presented baskets, nose marks, hand sanitizers and veronica buckets to be distributed to the market women in selected markets in accra, kumasi and tema. Roads are generally known by names of cities along the route. Performance audit report of the auditorgeneral on road safety in ghana ii are limited in the public sector compared to the private one.

The study showed that, the major macroeconomic variables that affect road traffic accidents in ghana are the size of the ghanaian economy. Road transport accident have been identified to be the second cause of death in the country. In this paper, we shall discuss the morbidity and mortality of road traffic accidents rtas and other epidemiological variables of rtas in ghana between 1991 and 2011. The mortality and morbidity trends from road accidents are rising annually in almost all the developed countries. Dec 20, 2016 the national road safety commission nrsc has expressed great worry over the rise in the number of road crashes especially in 2016, having recorded remarkable drops in such cases since 2012. Accidents and casualties by severity by city for 2011csv accidents and casualties by severity by major cities in ghana for the period. The main objective of this paper was to explore the most. But instead of helping of getting down to help the accident victim, the driver stopped sped off. Assessing the causes of urban transportation challenges in the kumasi metropolis of ghana authors detail. Dj seihor, a popular ghanaian disc jockey, has reportedly died in a motor accident on the adentan road hours after winning an award at the 2019 ghana dj awards. Road accidents kill more than 360 persons in ghana between.

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