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If youre laughing at the movie rather than with it, it doesnt matter so long as youre having a good time and zoltan is, for fans of bgrade horror pictures of the seventies, exactly that. The screenplay was penned by frank ray perilla who would further explore animals with a taste for human flesh in 1980s alligator. Dogs month at mondo mondays, featuring heinous hordes of crazed canines and killer kitties battling it out for bad movie domination. Released as draculas dog in the usa, this film adopted a new title for its uk and subsequent australianz release. The films screenplay was the basis for the paperback novel hounds of dracula 1977 by ken johnson, which was retitled dracula s dog upon the films release. Count draculas faithful manservant and his telepathic, bloodthirsty dog are suddenly resurrected and decide to track down the counts last living descendant. When the russian army unearths the vault of dracula, they accidentally unleash his undead human slave reggie nalder, mark of the devil and the counts vampire hellhound zoltan. My dad got me a large strawberry sundae from the ice cream van that cruised by most days and got out a vhs tape that he had recorded the movie onto for me. Directed by bmovie pioneer albert band producer of video classics terrorvision, troll, ghost warrior and robot jox, written by frank ray perilli, the demented imagination behind alligator, the doberman gang, laserblast and the notorious midget mob. Draculas dog dxn60j from alamys library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Zoltan, hound of dracula 1978 albert band synopsis. Imdb entry zoltan hound of dracula we had a full house for last night presentation, zoltan hound of dracula, a. Zoltan, hound of dracula times favorite theater button overview. Dracula is a 1931 vampirehorror film directed by tod browning and starring bela lugosi as the title character.

May the best species win nonsensical, incoherent and inept, but thats what makes it so gosh darn fun. The title is particularly hammeresque, being both slightly cheeky with its obviousness and strangely alluring like, for example, captain kronos vampire hunter. Zoltan is a level 40 60 npc that can be found in felwood. Devil dog the hound of hell 1978 full movie youtube. Ken johnson zoltan, hound of dracula vault of evil. Random thoughts on zoltan hound of dracula by karin f. Zoltan, hound of dracula 1978 not only dracula is among the undead, his servant and his dog are too, and when theyre inadvertently released by russian troops, they do what all good romanians do, go to america where they hope to find one of draculas direct descendants. Mans best friend is now mans worst fiend in albert bands 1978 drivein classic.

It was selected for preservation in the united states national film registry by the library of congress as being culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. The product on display is played with a remarkable restraint that belies either the brainlessness or the sheer chutzpah of the concept it is hard to decide which. One of the soldiers foolishly removes a stake, resurrecting zoltan, the hound of hell. Hound of dracula has all the right talent behind it. The stuffed animals used during the dog on dog attacks render those sequences so mild that a 6 year old could watch them. A guard ressurects draculas faithful hound zoltan, who after mauling the guard, in turn resurrects his master veidt schmidtreggie nalder. To view this video download flash player videos 360 view images zoltan hound of dracula special edition aka dracula s dog bluray special edition jose ferrer actor, michael pataki actor rated. Hound of dracula 1978 aka draculas dog directed by albert band. Better call animal control, because march is cats vs. Tagged albert band, anchor bay, dracula, hound, jan shutan, john levin, jose ferrer, libby chase, michael pataki, widescreen, zoltan posted on april 20, 2016 by. The deviants were the people who perverted your children and led them astray. Most people who hear the title think the film is a joke but zoltan hound of dracula dracula s dog is a real film. Russian soldiers accidentally unleash the servant of dracula, as well as his dog, during excavations of romania. In this outrageous cult classic, the russian army unearths the vault of dracula and accidentally unleashes his undead human slave and vampire hellhound zoltan.

When some russian soldiers accidentally unearth a crypt in romania, they make a. Zoltan is a village in ghidfalau commune, covasna county, romania. Youve met his son, his daughter, and some of his brides, now meet dracula s dog in zoltan. Based on the novel, hounds of dracula by ken johnson, draculas dog spends a lot of time creating an origin story for the vampire dog and it makes sense sort of. Originally making the rounds under the title draculas dog, zoltan.

Schmidt and faithful zoltan have to find the last descendant of the dracula line, who has emigrated to america, and is living under the name of michael drakemichael pataki. After feasting on the soldier, zoltan removes the stake from the body of veidt smit reggie nalder, who is. Zoltan hound of dracula is a 70s horror movie produced by crown international pictures. Please see the image and grading guide for more information. A nightmarish, terrifying journey that involves zombie puppies and killer k9s, where no man, woman, child or household pet is safe from zoltan. Id never go see a movie entitled draculas dog, but zoltan, hound of dracula on the other hand. The first time i watched zoltan, hound of dracula also known as draculas dog i was about 9 years old. It was a very hot summers day, roughly 3pm in the afternoon and i was curled up on the sofa with a bad cold. Get 50% off hundreds of family movies when you preorder on fandangonow today. Aside from minor creasing and staple marks, this poster is in great condition. It revolves around a dog who is turned into a vampire by a member of the dracula family, who is also a vampire.

Hound of dracula aka draculas dog, dvd, special edition, horror, 738329240158. Jan shutan, jose ferrer, michael pataki, reggie nalder. There is no background sound track during the opening sequence. We couldnt keep him out of the theater once he learned that the film is about a vampire dog. Inside the coffins clearly marked dracula which should have been a warning to the curious are staked and shrouded bodies.

It stars the late reggie nalder, whom horror fans will recognize as the purple skinned, candycane toothed kurt barlow from the 1979 adaptation of stephen kings. Most people who hear the title think the film is a joke but zoltan hound of draculadraculas dog is a real film. Zoltan was helmed by albert band, the father of full moon head honcho charles band and lowbudget composer richard band. Download zoltan hound of dracula torrent or any other torrent from video movies direct download via magnet link. The movie was originally released under the title draculas dog, and in certain parts of the world it is still marketed under that name, butas far as movie titles goits a pretty lame choice. Draculas dog us 1978 aka zoltanhound of dracula michael pataki as count dracula can only be reproduced in conjunction with promotion of the film. During training maneuvers, the romanian army accidentally uncovers the tomb of the dracula family.

It immediately strikes the viewer that the production values are nil. Not only did my wife beth attend but so did our dog ace. Directed by bmovie pioneer albert band producer of video classics terrorvision, troll, ghost warrior and robot jox, written by frank ray perilli, the demented imagination behind alligator, the doberman gang, laserblast and the notorious midget mob movie little cigars, and starring the regal jose ferrer. Ken johnson zoltan, hound of dracula everest, 1977 now a major emi film when the dust of the explosion died down, the soldiers realised they had uncovered an ancient grave. Hound of dracula is a 1977 american horror film starring michael pataki and jose ferrer. I was always under the misapprehension that zoltan hound of dracula was from the stable of hammer studios. The dreadful thing that escaped from the damaged coffin looked like a dog. Zoltan is a hound of dracula, this guy is a soldier of dracula. Some romanian soldiers accidentally blasts open a subterranean crypt. The films screenplay was the basis for the paperback novel hounds of dracula 1977 by ken johnson, which was retitled draculas dog. Anyway, the movie itself is a fun little bhorror production from the 70s. Protecting a woman from dracula michael pataki while she sleeps, zoltan is bitten when, in a pretty cool scene, dracula jumps out a window and turns into a bat. Zoltan hound of dracula special edition aka draculas.

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